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A Post Powered by Love, Plants, and a Quote from The Alchemist

February 22, 2012

When I was a kid, my absolute favorite place to be was outdoors and in nature. I wrote about it here

Things have changed quite a bit since I wrote that…especially where I’m presently living and the fact that I have no space to garden. But nevertheless, it hasn’t in any way derailed the vision that’s been manifesting in me, for at least six months now.

Ever since I went vegan, and even more so, since I’ve incorporated more and more raw, living foods in my diet, the tendency to reflect on how absolutely blessed I am to be able to afford organic produce has become more frequent. Not only am I able to afford it, but I live in an area where it’s very easily accessible.

No amount of fancy clothes, jewelry, cars, etc., can, in my eyes, even come close to making me feel alive and united with nature the way being outdoors and eating living foods can. By the same token, I’m fully aware that I also live in an area where I’m surrounded by those who are unable to afford many, if any, organic fruits and vegetables.

And it’s not just a matter of re-prioritizing a budget. The cost of living, even when being single and living very simply, as I do (I don’t even have a TV), is expensive. When you look at the price of organic tomatoes at the farmers market (the kind that actually smell and taste like real tomatoes) and then you look at the price of inorganic, irradiated so-called tomatoes at the 99 cent store (where a lot of the poor shop for their fruits and vegetables. Either there, or the conventional grocery stores with the abundance of more inorganic, irradiated produce), you’ll see why price, more often than not, wins.

In an ideal world, more of the poor would be able to shop at the farmers market or places like Whole Foods, but in the real world, buying cheap inorganic produce and other Frankenfoods (genetically modified food crops) is the only choice they have, especially when a person has more than one mouth to feed. There are a lot of things regarding the poor that upset me, but nothing compares to this…this atrocity…that human beings of a certain income level cannot afford decent, nutrient dense, real food…food that will give their bodies what it needs and craves to run efficiently…food that will give children the energy to actually sit up in class and be alert (and maybe even enjoy school)…food that will help prevent diseases that are adding to the body count in the hospitals, and adding to Big Pharma’s fat revenue stream. I find it demeaning that in this country…a country that was founded on the idea of freedom, that food freedom is only available to others within a higher income level…that the proliferation of deals like 2 cheeseburgers for 2 dollars at Burger King is so much more doable for the poor, and even the very word “organic” automatically sounds “too expensive” to their ears.

So what to do about it? There has to be some changes made, yesterday. And from what I gathered at this page at Raw Food, changes are being made, slowly but surely: High Quality ‘Healthy’ Food, Organic Produce and ‘Food Justice’ for Low Income Americans.  The discussion goes further, here, at Raw Food Rehab. And just like most useful, socially conscious changes, it has to come from the people, certainly not from the government or corporations. The type of change needed, to help the poor have access to real food, has to be a grassroots movement. According to Wikipedia: A grassroots movement (often referenced in the context of a political movement) is one driven by the politics of a community. Amen to that. This is political, not just social.

My vision has been to make my work…my “love work”, if you will, for the rest of my life (as far as I can see), that of teaching the poor to grow their own food, 2. what raw foods are and how to prepare them and 3. the benefits of juicing. Any other topics related to helping to resurrect and assist their bodies to thrive will also be included. Oh, and of course, my work will include remaining the writer that I am.

My vision takes place in community gardens…ORGANIC community gardens, where the poor can either grow their food for free or for a very minimal cost, and where everyone’s harvest can be shared. It’s a place of learning and growing. It’s a place of free education about raw living foods and disease prevention. My vision takes up the empty lots found everywhere…space that can be put to use for the common good.

I don’t know how this will happen, but I know it will. I am very good at manifesting anything that I want, when I put my mind to it. And one thing that’s very heartening, is what Jacqueline Corbett, creator of commented to me in her Facebook post, when I mentioned that this has been a vision of mine:  Renee, whether you realize it or not, your DREAM which you have been manifesting in your mind for the past six months IS a part of the ‘collective dream’ …. this emerging ‘zeitgeist’…. which is literally screaming and clamoring to be heard from people such as yourself… people with similar ideas located all over the globe. Please… put your dream down in writing if you haven’t done so already… and POST IT at the above link. This IS happening… and by adding your voice, your ideas, your energy, to the collective whole … you will be helping the your dream… and the COLLECTIVE dream… be born. Please join in… and, please share this post with your friends.

This means that I’m not alone in this dream, and have never been alone in it.. It’s only a matter of time before this all comes together, as a result of networking and the action needed to set the wheels in motion. I’m no stranger to these concepts. I don’t know how exactly things will fall into place, but all that matters is that they will. I’m a firm believer that where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ve seen it happen in my life over and over…there’s no question about it.

Jacqueline, I responded back to you that I would do what you suggested I do. Here is my dream in writing…in a blog post, no less…I will be posting to the discussion going on at…and I will indeed share this with my friends. I’m a woman of my word, and my word is gold, unless something absolutely comes up that interrupts what I say I’m going to do. With this, there’s no excuses. This dream is where my heart lies, more and more, since the power of living foods revitalized me and woke me up to my Self, more than anything ever did.

I look forward to seeing this happen, in whatever way it will. I will end this post with a favorite quote from one of my favorite books ever, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, that has always spoken volumes to me, and does to this very day: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

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