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And So It Is…Agape

January 16, 2012

I’m ending day 15 of my 40 day fast, and I have to say, this day has been especially wonderful and memorable. Honestly, if it weren’t for friends asking me how’s it going, or me reminding others that I’m on a fast, food or eating rarely come into my mind.

I went to the Agape Spiritual Center for the first time. Its founder and spiritual director is the Reverend Michael Beckwith, and if you’ve seen The Secret, you’ll remember that he was one of the commentators in it. I’m so glad I went, because the energy of the sanctuary and the members were both vibrating with Agape, which in Greek, means unconditional love, or love in the holy sense. This center has so many programs, too, for every group under the sun. They service the typical groups like singles, divorced, the financially burdened, etc, but they also include groups I’ve never seen a church assist, like gays and lesbians, people grieving over the pet who passed, and even photographers (this one caught my attention…I love taking photos and have been told I’m good at it.) Their CSA program, which is Community Supported Agriculture, is also something I want to take part in. It was a great experience, as searching for a place like this has not been an easy road for me. Usually, when a church service lasts 2 hours, I’m ready to go home at about 1 hour into it. I brought some water in case I felt weak or hungry, and I didn’t even need to touch it. Every portion of the service ended with “And so it is. Amen.” I’ll definitely come again.


I also met an elderly woman at a natural health food store. I went there just to check out what products were sold there, and to pick up some Kombucha. We just started talking and hit it off immediately. As we strolled the market, she told me stories about her life, and I laughed a lot. For a good half hour at least, we exchanged lots of pleasantries and shared lots of laughs. She was a very interesting person, and so full of life. She’s the type I look up to…who are completely aware that age is just a number, and who are young at heart, where it matters. The best retort to someone who’s whining nonstop is, “You’re so old!” Try it…see how fast they shut up or what nerve you’ve hit. Anyway, we made arrangements to meet again, and I was so happy to meet her. We hugged and told each other we loved each other. Agape abounded this day.

The couple I attended Agape with, and the elderly woman I met later, all accepted my fast without judgment and without any type of disbelief or puzzlement, which was very refreshing to me. I kept waiting for, “What?!!! Why would you do that?” or “Are you sure that’s safe?” or anything along those lines, along with dropped jaws. Although I like educating people, it was like having a day off. And the people who insinuate that I’m nuts, well I can’t help them. I felt so much lightness in my spirit…the fact that I didn’t have to explain or educate, that it was just accepted without any comments indicating that I was weird or asking for “trouble”.

On my drive home, filled with love and joy about my experiences today, I thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as it is his birthday. How appropriate, that this day of all days, should be his day of birth…a man who exemplified Agape for all people…who walked a road less traveled that threatened his existence at any given moment, but who put others’ well being ahead of his own…a true Christian man, whether he called himself one or not.

How blessed I feel to have been uplifted today, my 15th day of my fast, like I was, when there’s times I’m challenged to quit, even when my body doesn’t want to. Agape acted as a huge shot of adrenaline in my arm, to keep going.

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